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Jokes aside we don't want Blues and Blue to be synonymous!

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The motivation for this site is to·share with·those interested in Blues dancing a·set of resources and·personal insights that·I've found informative.

The aim is to explore the: who?, what?, why?, where?, when?, and how? of Blues dancing·

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The Blues can be an acquired taste! It is both simple in its construction and yet emotionally rich and complex. Thus, it can offer dancers a great way to expand their musicality and enjoyment of dance. It is dance music and dance is·always uplifting, celebrating and getting yourself together as a person and as a community each Saturday night.·If you are new to the Blues consider that:

  • The singer is a narrator·and not personally suicidal
  • The lyrics are less important as words than the sound the singer is making and the notes they hit
  • The instruments are talking drums (slave owners banned Africans from having their drums)
  • Look out for the call and response between a singer (or key instrument) and the other instruments/ chorus
  • Look out for the counter-statement in the response. The singer maybe all doom and gloom but then comes the response as a·jazzy mocking or ironic or exaggerated contradiction. Imagine someone is giving you their sob-story and your torn between consoling them, laughing your head off, and playing a exaggerated wailing violin because what you want really want to·say is get over it, get a grip,·and move on!
  • The most enduring and omnipresent theme·is the Blues between a man and a woman -the simultaneous strength and weakness of the human condition
  • Blues is not protest music as such
  • Blues is not happy music, but it is alway uplifting and energizing
  • One of the most important uplifting effects of the Blues is the collective empathy, the solidarity, or the sharing of·stress - the release and affirmation or validation·you get when you realise you not alone with your Blues. A problem shared is a problem halved, etc
  • Blues is a massive music genre with a broad range of tempos and its influences spread far, taking in soul, hip-hop, and rock
  • You already dance to some Blues in most forms of popular social dancing eminating from the US/UK, such as Jive, Rock and Roll, Lindy-hop, West Coast Swing, etc
  • Blues rooms/dances, however, tend to have a music policy to demark them from other dance offerings -often by featuring slower music and rhythms that discontinuous with other dance styles to encourage dancers to conciously adapt to dancing the Blues not simply put their existing dance skils into slow-motion.
  • Those dance music policies are dynamic and part of an, very young, interactive learning process between dancers, hosts, and DJs. Engage and enjoy. Many a great DJ-dancer has been forged by cosntructively saying NO NO NO! the music can be better -here is how!  

Some sections:

What's it all about:

  1. Perspectives from dancers and others
  2. Reference to historical materials
  3. A·glossary of blues terms
  4. Jokes
  5. Video Clips


  1. UK freestyle dances
  2. UK class nights
  3. UK workshops
  4. UK weekenders and camps

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Constructive ideas and inspiration·about this website are always welcome. I wish you much inspirational dancing! Have fun and enjoy!

Daniel L. Sandars, 02-NOV-2010

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