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Jook Joint
A photographic record of Jook joints before they get modernised. When I first saw this it was a disturbing feeling. It is a strange contrast on the one hand you get the authentic culture of hard-working folks unpretentiously socialising to the Blues, but at the same time you'd never think to take a respectable high falutin' girl to one of those becasue they seem so shabby, grotty. grimey and raw.
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The Blues Highway Cookbook
Nice book but have yet to brave many of the dishes...too much chilli and not enough 'pigfoot a bottle of beer'
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Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Author: Peter Guralnick, Rob...
Publisher: Amistad
I recently bought this with the 7 disc DVD box set. It looks good and already Martin's intro really drives home the power of the Blues in life
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Steppin' on the Blues
Author: Jacqui Malone
Publisher: University of Illino...
A professional theatre-dance tutors well researched work on historical popular Blues dancing in America, its influences and its expression on stage. Still getting into this. More later
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Stomping the Blues
Author: Albert Murray
Publisher: Da Capo Press
An insightful read into historical vernacular american blues dancing and music. This book busts all the common myths and misconceptions about the Blues and its vital role in social dancing.
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